Skål London - Mauritius Twinning Agreement DATE : 2015-12-02 11:27:30

Dear Skalleagues and Friends of Skal,
We are particularly honoured to announce that Skal Mauritius has reached an important milestone this year by twinning with Skal London. Skal Mauritius has also set up the preliminary steps for its project Greening Mauritius which is planned to be launched during the first quarter of 2016. Below is just a brief update of the recent news and more details will be sent to you next week in our newsletter no: 29.
1. Skål London twins with Skål Mauritius
Commemorative Twinning Certificates were exchanged at the Melia Convention Centre in Torremolinos, Spain on Saturday 31 October 2015 between Skål International President,Salih Cene; Immediate Past President London Skål & UK National President, Alison Partridge & Skål Mauritius President, Ibrahim Ayoub in the presence of the newly elected President of Skal International, Nigel Pilkington.


This twinning agreement between the 2 clubs will bring a lot of benefits to members starting right now with the Greening Mauritius project where Skal London will partner with Skal Mauritius for the good implementation of this project.
The other benefits include:
·         Encourage formal contact by way of email or letter with individual members of the Clubs, including the families of members, e.g. with children on a “penpal” basis which will lead to long lasting relationships.
·         To arrange reciprocal exchange visits on an individual basis between members of the 2 clubs and their families.
·         To meet at least once annually. The meeting would be primarily social but could contain a professional aspect such as a travel and tourism business session.
·         To continually recognize the twinning as a mutual exchange of ideas and information requiring contribution by all parties.
·         To provide opportunities to learn more about culture and successes of the others and most  of all to do business through better understanding, cooperation and friendship.
·         To expand the opportunity for joint projects and exchanges which twinning provides and which will lead to fellowship and friendship.
2. Greening Mauritius Project
As explained in my President’s speech at our AGM in March 2015 and especially in our last function at La Vanille Reserve des Mascareignes, Skal Mauritius in partnership with Skal London will embark into a 2-year project called Greening Mauritius. You would recall that this project was initiated by Skalleages Owen Griffiths, Suzy Edouard and late Harmon Chellun years back.
Skal London has agreed to bring its expertise during the whole course of that project. Skal London will initiate contact with International greening organizations and experts in the field to provide their support and to sponsor the project.
The project was presented during the twinning ceremony at the Melia Convention Centre, in Torremolinos , Spian and  during the cocktail of Skal London on the ground floor of the WTM South Hall Buyers Club. During his speech, the President of Skal International Nigel Pilkington pointed out that our initiative “is a good example that other Skal Clubs couldfollow”.
Logo Greening Mauritius
From Left to right together with the newly elected President of Skal International,  Nigel Pilkington, President of Skal UK, Alison Partridge and immediate Past President Salih Cene.

Together with newly elected President of Skal International,  Nigel Pilkington and President of Skal London, Paul Hoskins
On our side, we have already completed the preliminary steps by contacting the relevant Ministries (Tourism, Environment, Agriculture, Local Government, etc) in order  to earn their unflinching support.

The concept is to turn Mauritius into a flower island with perennial and endemic plants which will be planted to enable the whole population and tourists to enjoy a flowery environment all year-round.  This will be a National project where all Mauritians, Private & Public sector will be involved and participate. As  President my wish would be “ as we receive approximately 1 million tourists per year the main objective is to plant 1 million plants over a period of 2 years”. The project is to develop Mauritius into a tourist destination filled with flowers throughout the year which will be rolled out in stages upon the completion of surveys on the island.
As the foundation work of the project, we will start with 100 trees which will be planted at an identified place offering a high visibility which will boost the image of Skal Mauritius at the same time. Skalleague Owen Griffiths has already agreed to offer 100 trees and the Hotel School Sir GaetanDuval will participate with students helping to plant the trees in order to kick start the project
Then in a second stage with help of other partners (Private & Public sector), flowers, trees and endemic plants will be planted on the way to and from the airport and alongside the motorways to the North of the island which will boost the image of Mauritius as a flower island. The island will then be divided into several zones from Road sides, Forests – Jogging & Walking Trails by connecting all the different towns and villages and the roundabouts of Motorways.
This project will indeed give a very good boost to our club and I would personally appeal to all Skalleagues to support this 2-year project and your contribution would be most welcome.
I take this opportunity to thank my Executive Committee and in particularly Skalleagues Owen Griffiths, Alwar Kitnassamy,Tupsy Rameshwar, our Secretary Medha Ramburn, Marie Malie of Hotel School Sir GaetanDuval and also to the President of Skal UK Alison Partridge, President of Skal London Paul Hoskins and to President of Skal International Nigel Pilkington for their precious help and support in the initial stage of our project.
I look forward seeing you all at our End of Year dinner at Le Meridien Hotel.
With our very best regards.
Skal !
Ibrahim Ayoub
President of Skal Club of Mauritius
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