Dear Skålleagues and Friends

It is a great honour to be President of Skål International Asia, the most dynamic area of the most prestigious and largest association of travel and tourism professionals worldwide.
Skål is a truly global organization that offers members as much opportunity to do business amongst friends within Skål as they wish, or to just simply network within their own communities.

With over 2,300 members in 40 Clubs, 25 grouped in five national committees and 15 affiliated, the Skål Asian Area is perhaps the most diverse Area in the world of Skål, reaching from Guam in the Pacific Ocean more than 10,000 km to Mauritius in the Indian Ocean with clubs in 17 fascinating countries in between.

SKAL ASIA EXCO 2019-21 [07.23]
SKAL Seoul 50th Anniversa... [06.21]
SKAL Seoul 50th Anniversa... [06.21]
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